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        1. Welcome to WUHAN XINXINJIALI BIOTECHNOLOGY Co. LTD. website! 

          If the product is not found, we may be able to customize it for you. Please send email to:sales@xxjltech.com , Let us know your requirement information.

          About Us
          WUHAN XINXINJIALI BIOTECHNOLOGY Co. LTD. is a modern enterprise specializing in pharmaceutical intermediates, biological products, chemical products and other high-tech products research and development, sales and import and export into a whole, is located in Hubei Economic Development Zone of Wuhan province. Since the establishment of the company adhere to the development road of "technological innovation", attaches great importance to the innovation of science and technology research and development company, high-quality products sold in North America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and other more than 60 countries and regions. At present, with Europe and the United States, Greece, Germany, Iran, Russia, South Korea, India and other countries of the pharmaceutical enterprises to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations, with our rigorous attitude and sincere service to win customers trust and reputation.
          The company has always adhered to the innovation as the development and the driving force, the implementation of standardized management, and constantly achieve leapfrog development, the company is carefully building a younger, professional, knowledgeable high-quality team. Company to "do things, effective, sincere cooperation and common development" enterprise culture, to "quality first, technology first, sincere service, sharing a win-win" business philosophy, with "leading technology, quality products, good reputation, first-class enterprise" as the goal, and strive to achieve national brand to the world, to provide more quality products and services and make unremitting efforts for our partners. Man road as the iron, CHAMC; biological beauty sincerely hope that with the new and old customers hand in hand, create brilliant!
          Company culture
          Our spirit: unity, harmony, trust, intentions
          Our goal: leading technology, quality products, good reputation, first-class enterprise
          Our aim: to do practical things, practical results, sincere cooperation and common development
          Our philosophy: quality based, technology first, good faith service, shared win-win situation

          Address: Wuhan economic and Technological Development Zone, Wuhan city,Hubei province, China;  post code: 430056
          Email: sales@xxjltech.com  MSN: xxjlsales@hotmail.com
          Tel: 86-27-84666270, Fax: 86-27-59710330
          Mobile: 86-13207195831
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